Hey all,

I’ve been ignoring my blog for a little bit. My apologies for that if you frequent it. I’ve been busy with my personal life, a few family issues arouse.

So where are we?

  • I started learning the MEAN stack and plan on posting my experience with it soon!
  • I’ve taken it upon myself to learn Symfony 3. Not sure if I’ll be writing about my experiences with it, but I do want to expand my LAMP stack knowledge and get familiar with the framework. It will open a lot of doors for me as right now I just work in vanilla PHP land and adhere as best I can to MVC standards. This should really help with that.
  • With the help of one of the comments in the Quickbase PHP API article I have extended the API for more functionality. I just need to commit and do a pull request on Github for that to become official. I will then update my tutorial to include the new functionality.
  • I’m thinking about writing a follow up to my article from last summer, my-windows-10-experience-so-far, and write about my experience with the OS after using it for a year (spoiler: I like it).
  • Myself and some friends made a board game website! Board gaming has been quickly becoming my favorite hobby in the last few years, so why not talk about it… on the internet. Check it out! http://www.thegameinsite.com. It’s a little content dry at the moment, but we are working on getting some stuff out soon.