Welcome to my portfolio. I create a lot of private applications that I can’t share for my full time job at Impres Pharma. I try to take on as many side projects and freelance work as I can. Here you can find my body of public work.

Freelance Work:

Accident Reconstruction Specialists Ltd. – An accident reconstruction & investigation company based in the Greater Toronto Area. This is a static site built on bootstrap.

Endurance eSports – An internation eSports team. This is a wordpress site so the client can easily maintain the content themselves.  Update – November 2015: The client has changed the design of the site. It is still running the theme I created for them, but with some alterations. Due to the nature of it being a WordPress site, the design is up to the client’s discretion from this point forward and is not reflective of the work I did. – February 2016 – The team has disbanded and the site is no longer active.

Fins and Grins – A charter fishing service in Ontario. This is a static site built using Foundation. Last update was requested in 2014. The client has terminated the business and this site is no longer live. Link shows a wayback machine cache.

Frankly Sean – This very site. It is currently running on wordpress and using a default theme. I intend on building my own theme for it in the future.

Community Contributions:

Stack Overflow

Git Hub