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Just wanted to post a quick update regarding the Quickbase PHP wrapper tutorial. Most of the traffic to this blog comes for that page alone, which is awesome! I’m glad you are finding it useful.

In the past I have made an effort to help those that reached out to me with their specific code issues for it. I unfortunately will no longer be able to do this as I don’t work with Quickbase anymore. I will leave the article online and if people find a better resource in the future, please let me know and I will link it in the post to help out!

Cheers and Merry Christmas!

PHP Quickbase API Tutorial

The PHP Quickbase API wrapper, originally written by Joshua McGinnis, is a layer between the Quickbase API and PHP. It allows you to make API calls with PHP and is a lot cleaner than cURLing everything yourself.

I have been working with this API since the start of my career and have had to learn a lot on my own as there aren’t many places with guides for the API. In an effort to help other developers starting out with with this API I have written this article.

This article is going to cover the basic functionality of the wrapper and how to utilize it in your applications.

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