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Just wanted to post a quick update regarding the Quickbase PHP wrapper tutorial. Most of the traffic to this blog comes for that page alone, which is awesome! I’m glad you are finding it useful.

In the past I have made an effort to help those that reached out to me with their specific code issues for it. I unfortunately will no longer be able to do this as I don’t work with Quickbase anymore. I will leave the article online and if people find a better resource in the future, please let me know and I will link it in the post to help out!

Cheers and Merry Christmas!

Upgrade your grey matter, cause one day it may matter

As a programmer I’m always trying to learn and push myself so I don’t stagnate and because I simply love learning. An opportunity has come up to get access to a lot of knowledge for cheap and I can’t not share it!

For the next 12 days via Humble Bundle you can get a bunch of programming books for next to nothing and as a bonus your proceeds go to charity! Go check it out.

I personally got the $8 package as I want the Javascript books, but the one I’m most excited to dive into is ‘Automate The Boring Stuff With Python’.

MEAN is MERN – Pivoting to React

Pivoting to React

I’ve been working on pushing myself to learn some new web development technologies, specifically the MEAN stack. I got into some MongoDB docs, some Express.js stuff and some Node stuff, but I wasn’t working too much on Angular. After a bit of research, I decided I’m pivoting from learning Angular to React.
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Inactivity Update

Hey all,

I’ve been ignoring my blog for a little bit. My apologies for that if you frequent it. I’ve been busy with my personal life, a few family issues arouse.

So where are we?

  • I started learning the MEAN stack and plan on posting my experience with it soon!
  • I’ve taken it upon myself to learn Symfony 3. Not sure if I’ll be writing about my experiences with it, but I do want to expand my LAMP stack knowledge and get familiar with the framework. It will open a lot of doors for me as right now I just work in vanilla PHP land and adhere as best I can to MVC standards. This should really help with that.
  • With the help of one of the comments in the Quickbase PHP API article I have extended the API for more functionality. I just need to commit and do a pull request on Github for that to become official. I will then update my tutorial to include the new functionality.
  • I’m thinking about writing a follow up to my article from last summer, my-windows-10-experience-so-far, and write about my experience with the OS after using it for a year (spoiler: I like it).
  • Myself and some friends made a board game website! Board gaming has been quickly becoming my favorite hobby in the last few years, so why not talk about it… on the internet. Check it out! It’s a little content dry at the moment, but we are working on getting some stuff out soon.

AWS in Plain English

If you have ever poked around in AWS, you probably noticed that “damn, Amazon has a lot of services”. This chart breaks down their services into plain English and explains what the AWS services can do for you.

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Public GitHub Repo’s Aren’t Always Your Friend.

A developer friend of mine sent me this link this morning.

This is how you get hacked

Remember folks, a GitHub repo is only as good as its users.

So what’s the big deal you may be asking. Well, these folks have all exposed their database names and passwords to the world. Some of them may be just for development servers, but it’s still something to work off of. It’s easy enough to find out what some of these websites domains may be, and finding the ip isn’t that hard either.

Safety first kids. Don’t commit your wp-config files to public repos!


Update: Oh god, it gets worse… This is a list of private SSH keys. They are just sitting there in the open for all to steal and use. People think hacking is hard… well it is, but it’s a whole lot easier when you give them the keys to your car.  DON’T put private information on a public repo!


PHP Quickbase API Tutorial

The PHP Quickbase API wrapper, originally written by Joshua McGinnis, is a layer between the Quickbase API and PHP. It allows you to make API calls with PHP and is a lot cleaner than cURLing everything yourself.

I have been working with this API since the start of my career and have had to learn a lot on my own as there aren’t many places with guides for the API. In an effort to help other developers starting out with with this API I have written this article.

This article is going to cover the basic functionality of the wrapper and how to utilize it in your applications.

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How To View iOS Console on Windows

I find a lot of my development time is spent working on iOS devices. This proves to be a little difficult for me… because I’m a PC. I have nothing against Macs though. They are wonderful machines if you are willing to pony up the extra cash for one.

The one major advantage Macs have had for me over PC’s (until today) is the ability to utilize the webkit debugging tools in Safari/Chrome. On a Mac you could simply plug in your device and test away. On Windows…. not so much.

Today everything has changed. I can now see my iOS’s javascript console on my PC!

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Study Shows: Individuals Have Unique Code Style

A recent study shows that a programmers code is stylistically unique to them. This almost goes without saying as even simple “Hello World” programs can be written in countless ways.

Researchers from Drexel University, the University of Maryland, the University of Goettingen, and Princeton have developed a system that uses natural language processing and machine learning to figure out the authors of source code based solely on their coding style.

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